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"We look to promote and safeguard the overall health, welfare and development of the young. Sawadi House"

Sawadi House is a registered children’s home for children aged between 11 and 18 with emotional and behavioural difficulties and challenging behaviour. At Sawadi House we believe in an holistic approach to providing care with a family approach in a family setting to develop young peoples' identity, awareness, self-confidence and skills

We provide a nurturing environment, security and emotional stability to young people identified as having emotional and behavioural difficulties. We look to promote and safeguard the overall health, welfare and development of the young people while they are looked after and allow them to flourish and develop new skills.

We remain sensitive to the needs of service user's religion, cultural identity, disability, language and sexual orientation and ensure each young person is respected as an individual. Through positive behaviour management and the person centred approach, we assist young people to develop acceptable levels of behaviour.

In order to help achieve positive outcomes, the home works very closely with parents and anyone associated with the care of the children such as social workers, psychiatrists and other health care professionals. This multi-disciplinary approach will help to ensure that the young person’s needs are fully assessed and arrangements put into place to meet these needs.

Sawadi House is a four bedroomed home, located in the rapidly burgeoning area of the Excel Centre, with convenient transport links to London and the surrounding areas

Our activities programme reflects individual needs as well as being based upon the developmental age of the children in occupancy. Children will have use of computers, internet, a range of games and in-house activities.

At Sawadi House we encourage participation in leisure interests within the local community and participation in internal activities that engender and build self-esteem and confidence. We actively seek to support and promote the principals of social inclusion and to this end, children and young people are encouraged to participate in community activities.

All activities are appropriately supervised. The activities vary from swimming, visiting theme parks, zoos, the beach, shopping, horse riding, meals out and the cinema. (Risk assessments would be undertaken as appropriate) The home provides board games as well as other facilities including TV, DVD player and computers. A safe garden is available to the rear of the premises.

The home celebrates birthdays, Christmas, Diwali and other religious festivals and cultural events, encouraging and promoting the children and young people to learn about cultural and religious differences.

Sawadi House is able to provide accommodation for up to 4 young people aged 11 - 18.

The staff at Sawadi House are fully trained and experienced in dealing with the challenges of young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, so that everyone knows that the young person is in safe hands.

Each new referral is considered on its individual merits with an understanding of the person being referred and also the group needs of the young people already at Sawadi House.

For all referral information, please contact the Acting Manager, Cassandra Ebanks by telephone 020 7055 3753 Acting Manager – Cassandra Ebanks

Deputy Manager

Lorita Okpoda Eppiah

Acting Manager

Cassandra Ebanks

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